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Year End Honors

2017 Year End Honors Recipients:

2017 Year End Recipients

Hall of Fame:                               Maggi McHugh
Lifetime Achievement:               Karen Healey
Horseman of the Year:              Janet Fall
Equine Lifetime Achievement:    Woodstock               
Special Achievement:                 Mandy Porter
                                                            Augusta Iwasaki
Junior Achievement:                  Katherine Dash
Horsemanship Award:                Kit Cunningham
Sportsmanship Award:               Jacqueline Vail

The High Point Riders of the 2017 year are:
Payton Potter    14/under Foundation Equitation Class         Trainer:    Leslie Steele
Kate Abajian     21/under Foundation Equitation Class         Trainer:    John Bragg
Kaitlin Perry      22/over Foundation Equitation Class           Trainer:    Kelly Van Vleck
Clea Caddell       WCE                                                                             Trainer:    Alison Sherred, Karen Healey
Violet Barnett   Style of Riding                                                          Trainer:   Nicole Simpson


History of CPHA Award Recipients

Year End Honors
If you would like to nominate someone for our year-end honors please see the following criteria for each category and email your nomination to info@cpha.org.

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Please see under “Previous Year’s Winners” to see who has previously won.

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