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CPHA Foundation Fundraisers:
Please join us in our efforts to raise money for the CPHA Foundation. Your money goes directly into helping professionals in need and giving out educational scholarships.

In September at the Flintridge Autumn Classic we host a VIP Package for the week ending with a great catered dinner on Saturday evening during the Grand Prix. Read more...

We would like to thank all of you that participated in our VIP fundraiser during the CPHA Jr/Am medal finals. It was a terrific finals and a great event for us!. Also the Mega Bucks raffle was a huge success so thank you to all who keep on buying those raffle tickets year after year. Those of you that do directly impact the Foundation’s ability to award educational scholarships each year and this year we awarded 5 scholarships. Thank you to Lydia Hibe and her gift of communicating with the animals that we all so dearly love. Thank you to our sponsors who are so generous and committed each year:
DaMoors Feed and Tack, CWD, Antares, Four Oaks Farm, Valencia Saddlery, Archibald Cox III, Kim OTTESON, Dianne Grod, and Blenheim Equisports.

Congratulations to all of our riders in the Jr/Am Medal Finals and the CPHA Foundation Championships. It was two weeks of great competition and everyone can be so proud.
Here are our top ten in each of the classes:

CPHA Junior Hunt Seat Medal Class:                         CPHA Amateur Hunt Seat Medal Class:
1.  Kaitlyn Lovingfoss                                                                 Nina Vogel
2.  Brook Morin                                                                         Shannon Davidson
3.  Gabriella Cinquini                                                                  Renee Rodda
4.  Payton Potter                                                                       Jamie Krupnick
5.  Lanie Walkenbach                                                                 Jessica Smith
6.  Emily MacLean                                                                      Blake Lindsley
7.  Kate Abajian                                                                        Lauren Morlock
8.  Libby King                                                                            Emily Hartley
9.  Breanna Bunevacz                                                                 Holli Kolkey
10.Tyler Francis                                                                        Lindsay Schiefelbein

CPHA Foundation Equitation Championships


  1. Brooke Morin
  2. Sophia Sanders
  3. Payton Potter
  4. Clea Caddell
  5. Madison Nadolenco
  6. Alli Christy
  7. Charlotte Murray
  8. Sydnie Young
  9. Skyler Wireman
  10. 10 Mackenzie Altheimer


  1. Kaitlyn Lovingfoss
  2. Rose Kaufmann-Skloff
  3. Natalie Templeton
  4. Katherine Dash
  5. Nina Vogel
  6. Kate Abajian
  7. Libby King
  8. Julia Stone
  9. Tali DeJong
  10. Audrey Poole


  1. David Scapa
  2. Carly Sereni
  3. Theresa Boucher
  4. Jaime Krupnick
  5. Jessica Smith
  6. Lauren Morlock
  7. Mollie Hartung
  8. Stephanie Goodson
  9. Lauren Michaels
  10. Nori Burby

Congratulations to all of the riders who qualified and participated in the Northern CA Horsemanship and Child Adult Medal Finals held June 15-18 at Sonoma Horse Park. A job well done!!

Child Adult Champion: Karen Trione,  Trainer: Ned Glynn
Child Adult Reserve: Palmer Dooley, Trainer: Jan Pearce
Child Adult Opposition High Point Rider: Clara Bonomi, Trainer: Ned Glynn

Horsemanship Champion: Avery Schoen, Trainer: Ned Glynn
Horsemanship Reserve: Courtney Prince, Trainer: Marian Nelson
Horsemanship Opposition High Point Rider: Courtney Prince

Please review the medal schedule so you don’t miss any of our finals. Look at the standings page and see how many points you have. If you think you are missing any points just call the office or email your concerns to info@cpha.org.

In September the Green Incentive Championships will show off all of the great green horses we have in California. Not too late to enroll, just check out the information on the home page under: Green Incentive Program. Remember your horse must be registered under your membership and the rider, owner and trainer must all be current CPHA members. This is an incentive program which means the monies collected will go back to the participants. Lindsay Maxwell will be sponsoring this event along with Blenheim Equisports this year so a huge thanks to her.

For our year end banquet this year it will be held in San Diego so mark your calendars for January 5-7, 2018. If you would like to nominate someone for a year end award please check out the criteria for the awards we give out and send in your nominations. You can find them on the Year End Awards Tab.

**Lindsay Maxwell - Proud sponsor of the Green Incentives Championship**

Being a CPHA Member gives you perks thru the USEF so please check out everything you are entitled to:
See attached flyer

Neil Gray, DVM is one of our professional members working on the Equitarian Initiative, a charity organization that provides veterinary care to working equids (horses, mules and donkeys)in underserved communities in developing countries. These horses need your help so please read about the worthwhile project and help these wonderful horses who are so deserving and get so little help.
See attached letter

You must join as a 2017 CPHA Member prior to receiving your points accrued in 2016 (for a 2017 qualified class) before you will see your points online. The date of your membership will reflect the date of the show you earned your points in. Make sure your trainer is a current CPHA Member prior to your participation in a CPHA class.


DaMoor's Feed & Tack
Be sure and visit DaMoor's Feed & Tack who sponsor many gifts towards all of our medal finals. Thank you very much.

Telesis Video - Visit Website

Four Oaks Farm - Visit Website

Sunset Equine Farm - Visit Website

Antares - Visit Website

Blenheim Equisports - Visit Website

LEG - Visit Website

Valencia Saddlery - Visit Website

Archibald Cox III

Lindsay Maxwell

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Financial Aid
In memory of Chelsea Weaver there is a fund to help out those who need financial help to attend clinics. Please send an email requesting aid to go to a clinic to info@CPHA.org. Include your name, address, phone number, CPHA #, name, date and location of clinic and amount of aid requested." This fund is from the CPHA Foundation.

The CPHA Foundation offers aid to professionals in need. Please visit the Foundation page for further information and the application.