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Year End Honors

2016 Year End Recipients

Hall of Fame: Linda Hough
Hall of Fame: Champ Hough
Special Achievement: Jenny Karazissis
Special Achievement: Neil Gray, DVM
Junior Achievement: Eve Jobs
Junior Achievement: Sydney Hutchins
Junior Achievement: Ransome Rombauer
Lifetime Achievement: Karen Healey
Lifetime Equine Hall of Fame: Danny, Fleetapple, Fateful,(DiAnn Langer )
Lifetime Equine Hall of Fame: The Godfather, (Dianne Grod)
Lifetime Equine Hall of Fame: Sutton Place, Modest Man
(Linda Hough) (Champ Hough)
Sportsmanship Award: Nina Vogel
Horseman of the Year: Mike Edrick

High Point Awards
CPHA Foundation Equitation Class:

Natalie Templeton          Equitation 14/under
Robyn Stiegler   Trainer of 14/under

Laura Owens      Equitation 22/0ver
Benson Carroll   Trainer of 22/over

Matilda Schulman            Equitation 21/under
Elvenstar             Trainer of 21/under

WCE High Point (2nd Year in a row)         
Ransome Rombauer      
Daniel Ighani and Karen Healey    Trainer of WCE High Point


History of CPHA Award Recipients

Year End Honors
If you would like to nominate someone for our year-end honors please see the following criteria for each category and email your nomination to info@cpha.org.

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Please see under “Previous Year’s Winners” to see who has previously won.

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