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Junior & Amateur Registration

Before competing in the CPHA Medal Classes all junior and amateur riders and their trainers must register with the CPHA.

NOTE: Please make sure your trainer is a member before you send in your membership application.

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Green Incentive

Green Incentive Program Enrollment Form


**Attention: If you received points for a 2018 qualifying class in 2017 after the 2017 finals your points will show up only after you become a 2018 current member. You may not enter in any class prior to joining or you will forfeit the points accrued in 2017.

All members listed on the website are current 2018 members regardless of what the date shows. If a date is prior to 12/1/17 (beginning of the 2018 show year) it is because it reflects points received at a horse show after the finals were held.

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If you join the CPHA at a horse show it may take up to two weeks for your membership to show on the website. You will be considered a member on the first day of the horse show that you attended and submitted your application. Points will be awarded from the horse show where you joined.