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The CPHA is a not-for profit organization comprised of professional Horsemen and other horse show related individuals who make at least 50% of their income from horse show related activities. The CPHA is committed to providing educational, developmental and benefiting programs in support of its professional members, it strives to foster amateur equestrian sports and further works to continually improve horse show participation and the well being of the show horse.


Trainers, professional riders, instructors, grooms, office staff, farriers, judges, course designers, braiders, veterinarians, tack store staff, horse show staff, announcers, ring crew, horse transportation personnel, horse show vendors, stewards, horse chiropractors, horse dentists and etc.

Membership is available in all 25 breeds and disciplines recognized by the USEF.

Being a professional member allows you to participate in the following programs:

  • $5000.00 excess accident insurance (for claim information contact Jack Weiman @ 949-829-8811 or Jack@jlwinsurance.com)
  • $10,000 death benefit and disablement
  • Business clinics and resource information
  • Year end awards
  • Participation in the H2-B Visa Program (contact Martin Arburua @ 858-259-0755)
  • Allows students to participate in CPHA medal classes
  • Access to the CPHA Foundation Benefits
    • Funds for Professionals in Need
    • Scholarships for children of professionals and working students
    • Funds to participate in clinics

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Attention all professionals:
Please download current medal specifications, membership application and cheat sheet to put into your CPHA Handbook. If you do not have a handbook and you are a professional you may request one for $10.00 which pays for the postage.

Attention All Trainers: Please remember that all trainers must be CPHA members prior to their clients participating in CPHA medal Classes.

If you join the CPHA at a horse show it may take up to two weeks for your membership to show on the website. You will be considered a member on the first day of the horse show that you attended and submitted your application. Points will be awarded to you at the horse show where your joined.