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CPHA Medal Finals Schedule for 2018

2018 Medal Cheat Sheet

2018 CPHA Medal Class Specifications:

Junior Medal

Champion: Emily Williams
Reserve: Breanna Bunevacz

Amateur Medal

Champion: Shannon Davidson
Reserve: Renee Rodda

The highest ranking 36/over participant:

Foundation Equitation

Champion: Stella Buckingham trained by Katie Gardner
Reserve: Stella Wasserman trained by Archie Cox

Champion: Sophia Sanders trained by Patty Ball
Reserve: Tessa Darling trained by Lee Flick

Champion: Jamie Krupnick  trained by: Archie Cox
Reserve: Kassy Perry trained by Kelly Van Vleck

Child/Adult Medal

Northern California
Champion: Nina Wade
Reserve: Caitlin Mitsouoka

Southern California
Champion: Naomi Wegner
Reserve: Kyle Cline

Horsemanship Medal

Northern California Horsemanship
Champion: Angela Matthews
Reserve: Nicole LaBare

Southern California Horsemanship
Champion: Faith Yoon
Reserve: Emma Santos

Green Incentive Program

Green Champion Rider: John Bragg
Green Champion Horse: Cantina 
Green Champion Owner: John Bragg
Green High Point Riders: John French, Jenny Karazissis, John Bragg
Green High Point Horses: Inkwell, Bellamy, Cantina

Style of Riding

High Point:

Style of Riding Championship


Northern California
Champion: Zoe Brown
Reserve: Emma Dawley

Southern California
Champion: Sophia Silveria
Reserve: Charlotte Murray

West Coast Equestrian Medal

West Coast Equestrian Medal Finals

Champion: Augusta Iwasaki
Reserve: Patty Gill


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Antares Custom Saddles
Sponsor of CPHA Junior & Amateur Medal Finals. The champion junior rider
and the champion amateur rider will each receive a custom Antares saddle.