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Join EquestrianCoach.com and see some great videos. If you are a CPHA member you will recieve a 10% discount to join. Just add "CPHA" in the coupon box upon joining. If you are in the Trainer Certification Program you will recieve a 25% discount. You must enter: "CPHATCP" in the coupon box upon joining. Please see the Press Release.

Welfare of the Horse
Please read the following “Welfare of the Horse” and use it as a guide for the care you give your equine friends.

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Martin J. Arburua, Attorney at Law and International Law Group, LLP handles the H-2B visa petitions for the CPHA and its members, having done so for 20 years.  They have successfully filed many individual employer visa petitions for our members for the year 2013 horse show season.  CPHA members who retained International Law Group, LLP to file H-2B temporary worker visa petitions for the current horse show season are currently benefiting from the services of their much needed groom workforce.  As International Law Group, LLP has done for many of our members, they are able to assist you as well, offering discounted legal fees for petition processing to our members.  If you wish to start on an H-2B visa petition for the Year 2014 horse show season, please contact International Law Group, LLP.

If you need experienced legal assistance with your immigration matters or need a review of your immigration case, International Law Group, LLP is here to assist you.

Please contact attorney Martin Arburua at (858) 259-0755 or at visas@ilglawgroup.com with any questions.

Working Visas For Horse Show Competitors and Grooms for up to 5 years duration
Please contact Luis Gavaldon of International Law Group at (858) 259-0755.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform
The current Administration and power in Washington is very focused on providing a wide sweeping immigration program for our country and many are hopeful the Year 2013 will bring about broad changes to US Immigration Law.  Already enacted are laws maintaining the family unit and many current minor children are eligible to apply immediately.  International Law Group, LLP is accepting applications on these current and new opportunities for individuals here in the United States.

If you have questions regarding how the DREAM Act and Immigration Reform might benefit foreign nationals and what changes have been made and are forthcoming by lawmakers, please contact International Law Group, LLP.  You may also visit their website at www.ilglawgroup.com/immigrationreform.php for more information.

Scholarship applications will be available May 1st.