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CPHA Medal Finals Schedule for 2019


2019 Medal Cheat Sheet

Sadly we say good-bye to a beloved member of the horse community. Maggie McHugh passed away on Monday April 29, 2019. She recently suffered a stroke and did not recover from it. Maggie worked for the PCHA for 37 years and her service was so much appreciated.  She was a highly respected trainer and rider in both the western and Hunter/Jumper disciplines. She received many PCHA year-end awards in all divisions she participated in. She supported the CPHA for many years as well: her husband even created the LOGO which has been in existence since 1964! She will be missed and we wish her peace and comfort.

Green Enrollment information
Please note that to enter your horse into the CPHA Green Hunter Incentive Program is only $250.00 until March 1st and then it goes up to $450.00.

2019 CPHA Green Hunter Incentive Specs

2019 CPHA Green Incentive enrollment

The PCHA/CPHA banquets were a great success to all of you who came to support our honorees.

Year End Recipients:

Equine Lifetime: Ruby Begonia
Horseman of the Year: Jeff Katz
Junior Horsemanship: Paige Dendiu
Sportsmanship: Devon Gibson
Lifetime Achievement: Patty Ball
Hall of Fame: Nick Karazissis, Sr.
Junior Achievement: Kate Abajian
Junior Achievement: Lanie Walkenbach
Special Achievement: Stella Wasserman
Special Achievement: Kaitlyn Lovingfoss
Hi Point 14/under: Madison Nadolenco
Trainer 14/under: Tasha Visokay
Hi Point 21/under: Sophia Davies
Trainer 21/under: Benson Carroll
Hi Point 22/over: Jaime Krupnick
Trainer 22/over: Archibald Cox III
Trainer 22/over: Foxfield Trainers
Hi Point WCE: Katherine Dash
WCE Hi Point Trainer: Archibald Cox III
Hi Point Style of Riding: Jaime Krupnick
Style of Riding Hi Point Trainer: Archibald Cox III
Style of Riding Hi Point Trainer: Foxfied Trainers

Our  2018 Medal Champions:
Junior:      Emily Williams
Amateur:  Shannon Davidson

Foundation  Hi Point:
22/ over:  Jaime Krupnick
21/under: Sophia Sanders
14/Under: Stella Buckingham

Child Adult:
Northern California: Nia Wade
Southern California:  Naomi Wegner

Northern California: Angela Matthews
Southern California: Faith Yoon

Style of Riding:
Northern California: Zoe Brown
Southern California: Sophia Silveria

Augusta Iwasaki

Green Incentive:
John Bragg/Cantina

The Southern California Style of Riding Championships held at Hit’s Sunshine Series II was a huge success with 46 starting the field. Thank you to Hits for a job well done.
Champion: Sophia Silveria
Reserve: Charlotte Murray

The WCE at the Las Vegas National Horseshow was a very special venue for our riders. Thank you to Blenheim for this great event.
Champion: Augusta Iwasaki
Reserve: Patty Gill


CPHA Foundation held at the Flintridge Autumn Classic on Sept 28 and 29th was very successful and we would like to thank everyone who participated in raising money to help Professionals in need and supporting the scholarship program. We appreciate everyone who comes to our events as without you we could not succeed. Thank you to our host West Palms Event Management and our sponsors: Equine Insurance, Joe and Donna Parker
Gelson’s Market
The Warner Family
Flintridge Riding Club

The first Style of Riding Championships were held at the Silicon Valley Horse Show in Woodside, CA  hosted by WPEM.

We would like to congratulate the winner of the class.
Champion: Zoe Brown
Reserve: Emma Dawley

Join us for the Southern Championships which be held at Thermal hosted by Hits on November 10, 2018

Congratulations to our Green Incentive Hunters and riders.

The Championships were held at Blenheim Equisports in San Juan Capistrano and were full of beautiful young horses. Blenheim hosted a very nice  breakfast for all. The class winnings were over $30,000.00.
Here are the winners:
Champion: Cantina  and John Bragg owned by John Bragg
Reserve: Wow the Crowd Jamie Taylor owned by Alexander Miller
Third:  At Last TW ridden by Gabriela Pattinson and owned by Jaymie Ho

The three horses and three riders with the most cumulative points during the qualifying period received cash bonuses.

John French
Jenny Karazissis
John Bragg

Congratulations to our Southern Calif. Regional Medal Winners:

The Child Adult and Horsemanship Finals were held at Flintridge Riding Club and hosted by West Palm Event Management on Sept 29 and 30th

Child Adult
Champion: Naomi Wegner trained by Nancy Frost
Reserve:    Kyle Cline trained by Kristin Barreto

Champion: Faith Yoon trained by Beck Abeita
Reserve:    Emma Santos trained by Kay Altheuser


Congratulations to our CPHA Foundation Champions:

Champion: Jamie Krupnick trained by Archie Cox
Reserve Champion: Kassy Perry trained by Kelly Van Vleck

Sophia Sanders trained by Patty Ball
Reserve Champion: Tessa Darling trained by Lee Flick

Stella Buckingham trained by Katie Gardner
Reserve Champion: Stella Wasserman trained by Archie Cox

Congratulations to our champions of the Junior/Amateur Medal finals.

Amateur Champion: Shannon Davidson
Junior Champion: Emily Williams

Please read the attached press release.
Press Release

The CPHA Style of Riding Specifications have been updated! Please check on the medals page for recent clarifications.

There was a lot of confusion regarding this class and I hope these updated specs will clarify any confusion. They are in effect immediately.

Remember you only need ride in one qualifying class prior to the championships to participate in the class.

Congratulations to Style of Riding inaugural Championship Class held at Woodside
Zoe Brown trained by Harley Brown.

Congratulations to our CPHA Foundation Raffle winners:
Dave Bunevacz
Anthony Spinale
Beth Taylor
Ali Leopold Moreno
Casandra Karazissis
Brian Slovenski

Thank you to all who participated. It was very successful and will help so much to support those that are in need. A special thanks to Beth and Anthony for donating their winnings back to the Foundation to go into the Aid Fund.

Congratulations to our Northern California Child-Adult and Horsemanship Champions!
We had a great event for the exhibitors who qualified and rode in the finals held at Sonoma Horse Park. Thank you to Sally Hudson and Ashley Herman for their support of this event. The contributed lovely flowers and ribbons to the top 10!

Child Adult Champion: Nina Wade
Reserve: Caitlin Mitsouoka

Horsemanship Champion: Angela Matthews
Reserve: Nicole LaBare

Year End Nominations:
If you would like to nominate someone or an equine for one of our prestigious year end awards please download, fill out and send in the nomination form. You may fax, email or mail.

Nominations due by October 15, 2019!

The forms are on the Year End Honors Tab.

TIME to Renew  your 2018 membership; If  you have not renewed your membership it’s time to get that done. Please note if your name is on the roster on the website you are a current member regardless of the date.

  • Rider and Trainer must be current CPHA members to participate in any CPHA class prior to competing.

  • Horses must be registered only if you are competing in the green incentive classes.

  • Riders, owners and trainers must be members for participation in the green incentive classes and horses must be registered and enrolled into the program

Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to help our fire victims. It has been a devastating time for many and thru the CPHA Foundation we raise funds to help those who have lost so much.  If you are one of those still in need please go to the Foundation page and fill out an application for aid.

Please review the medal schedule so you don’t miss any of our finals. Look at the standings page and see how many points you have. If you think you are missing any points just call the office or email your concerns to info@cpha.org.

In September the Green Incentive Championships will show off all of the great green horses we have in California. Not too late to enroll, just check out the information on the home page under: Green Incentive Program. Remember your horse must be registered under your membership and the rider, owner and trainer must all be current CPHA members. This is an incentive program which means the monies collected will go back to the participants. The Wasserman Foundation will be sponsoring this event along with Blenheim Equisports this year so a huge thanks to both of them.

For our year end banquet this year it will be held in San Diego so mark your calendars for January 4-6, 2019. If you would like to nominate someone for a year end award please check out the criteria for the awards we give out and send in your nominations. You can find them on the Year End Awards Tab.

**The Wasserman Foundation - Proud sponsor of the Green Incentives Championship**

Being a CPHA Member gives you perks thru the USEF so please check out everything you are entitled to:
See attached flyer

Neil Gray, DVM is one of our professional members working on the Equitarian Initiative, a charity organization that provides veterinary care to working equids (horses, mules and donkeys)in underserved communities in developing countries. These horses need your help so please read about the worthwhile project and help these wonderful horses who are so deserving and get so little help.
See attached letter

The date of your membership will reflect the date of the show you earned your points in. Make sure your trainer is a current CPHA Member prior to your participation in a CPHA class.


DaMoor's Feed & Tack
Be sure and visit DaMoor's Feed & Tack who sponsor many gifts towards all of our medal finals. Thank you very much.

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Financial Aid
In memory of Chelsea Weaver there is a fund to help out those who need financial help to attend clinics. Please send an email requesting aid to go to a clinic to info@CPHA.org. Include your name, address, phone number, CPHA #, name, date and location of clinic and amount of aid requested." This fund is from the CPHA Foundation.

The CPHA Foundation offers aid to professionals in need. Please visit the Foundation page for further information and the application.