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Horseman of the Year:
Jenny Karazissis

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Gene Lewis

Junior Achievement:
Katie Taylor
Molly Morgan
Lauren Hester

Hall of Fame:
Roy Jensen

The following inductees are the original founders of the CPHA:
Robert Rice
Roy Register
Robert H. "Bob" Lewis
Sandy Sanders
Roy Traylor
James Rogers
Frank Dye
C.W. Hall

Dan Abbey Sportsmanship Award:
Morgan Taylor

Special Achievement:
Ted Fieger and "Pikcasso"

Lifetime Equine Achievement Hall of Fame:
Robinson (Richard Spooner)

Equitation High Point:

Nicole Adamson
High Score Junior

Dick Carvin
High Score Junior Trainer

Nicoletta Von Heidegger
Reserve High Score Junior

Joe Thorpe
Junior Reserve High Score Junior Trainer

Katie Taylor
Third High Score Junior

Nick Karazissis
Third High Score Junior

Amy Brubaker
High Score Amateur

Archie Cox
High Score Amateur Trainer

Elizabeth Dickinson
Reserve High Score Amateur

Nick Karazissis
Reserve High Score Amateur Trainer

Tami Bell
Third High Score Amateur

John Bragg
Third High Score Amateur Trainer

Mac McHugh High Score:
Rachael Burk
Debbie McEwen

WCE High Point:
Lauren Hester
Karen Healey